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Indigenous Heart Modeltm

" Our first teacher is the heart"



Conduct Business in a New Way/Navigating Office Dynamics/Balance Work , Life, Family/Earning The Money You Deserve/Breaking Through Barriers


Indigenous  Knowledge is beyond the Universal Collective.  When we approach the well being of our business and personal life from Indigenous Consciousness we make decisons faster and have profound isight into the cause and effect of these descison.  The results increase bottom line profits while enjoying healther and happier relationships at work and home.





"The Indigenous Heart Modeltm"  is a state of being that directs the individual, in every moment to be present and conscious of how one is interacting with his interior world and with his needs of evolution. It is to be consecrated fully to the cultivation of the most  extraordinary, fascinating and magnificent seed,  that contains all the programs of perfection, wisdom and infinite joy".

Heart Inspired Leadership

Within each of ue resides Indegenious Consciousness codes. Only you have the ability  to activate them. When opened to the Indeginous Model you discover a sense of connection , that  feeling of fullness, eternity and immortality. When activated one has the understandng that your  being is essential and continuous.

Heart Focused Leadership training is based in the science of the Heart Math and the "Indigenous Heart Model"tm These applications are dedicated to improving health, performance and well-being at home and in the workplace. We provide services that help people to transform stress, better regulate emotional responses and harness the power of heart/brain communication. Through our training programs,the "Indigenous Heart Model" tm and scientifically validated  Heart Math methods we enable people to live more rewarding, healthy and productive lives personally and professionally. Our groundbreaking products and services  have been proven to increase productivity while reducing the stress associated with living and working in this era of high-speed change.

Effective listening using heart focused techniques


Identify one's unique abilities and management style while intergrating new heart model principles


Lead effective change through positive dialogue and collaboration


Empower and inspire those that lead


Facilitate heart empowered team building sessions


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