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Spiritual & Empathic Guidance


Too often we endure suffering because we are unaware that transformation can take place and in an instant. There is no reason to fear looking deeply within oneself. When we explore our mystery we  discover that we are beautiful beyond description! My gift is to energetically and vocally transmit the information, power and communication that I receive while co-creating a sacred  healing .

What to Expect

My ultimate goal is to use our time together to assist you in moving through the chaos and confusion that we often f ind ourselves in.  My goal is to connect you with your highest truth while giving clarity and shifting limiting patterns and beliefs.  This is a co-creative process by which we together will raise your awareness and align you with "right choice" in all areas of life, relationships, career, family, money, health and communication.


In Session I use my second sight, intutition and empathetic intelligence to access information from multitple levels of reality.

What it Means to be an Empath

Intuitive Readings
Vocal Sound Healings
Spiritual Counseling
Energy Healing/Reiki
Shamanic Healing
Soul Retrieval
Heart Activation


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