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Questions People Often Ask


What is a Spiritual Intuitive?


A SPIRITUAL INTUITIVE uses empathic gifts and enhanced sensitivity to "feel" into the situations and emotions of others. My gifts enable me to see into the energetic and unseen dimensions.In person I read color and temperature and sound vibrations to access information. In phone session I am able to translate vibrations and read one's energy field through auditory impulses. I work multi-dimensionally and in alignment with the highest good of the individual.


What can I expect?


Sessions begin with dialogue. This exchange allows me to empathetically align with one's energy. The dialogue allows an opening and I am then guided in the direction in which I proceed. This process allows for shifts to occur within. Ultimately you will gain a sense of discovery, resolution and relief. You may work with me for one session to resolve a current issue, or over an extended period to address deeper challenges. Clarity and insight may be directed to work, relationship, physical heath, karmic patterns, energy realignment, soul retrieval, trauma, depression and a multitude of physical and psycho-spiritual challenges. The form the work takes is a direct result of the co-creative field established in tandem.


How do I know what I need?


Most people come to me not knowing what is at the root of a problem. This is my job, to give you clarity where there is none. I am assisted by my background in psychology, energy medicine, sound healing and Indegenious Practices. The sessions are free flowing and no two are the same for everyone’s needs vary. It is best to start with a reading and allow the process to take its natural course.


How does your years of study with various indigenous elders impact your work.

S Ancient  Cultures have long understood the practice of accessing spiritual realms for guidance and healing. The Indigenous Elder serves as an interpreter for the universal field of consciousness, of which we are a part, using spiritual guides to assist in resolving issues on behalf of the client. Healing occurs at the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels, which can have a profound effect on all aspects of a person'’s life.This training is holistically incorporated into my work.


What is the Cost of the Services?


Services range from $100.00 to $250.00 dependant on client needs. Services determined at time of booking.


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