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Shamanic Healing
Intuitive Guidance

My role as an Intuitive Soul and my role as a counselor is for you to become more aware and conscious of the choices, actions and decisions you make each day. This enables you to have a conscious intent to create an expression of your Highest Vision. I use my empathic, intuitive counseling skills to guide you towards your Highest Vision and to empower you to create conscious expressions of Love, Joy and Compassion. -

Balancing and aligning energy bodies

Cleansing, clearing and restoring energy bodies

Extraction of thought forms and removal of entities

Soul retrievals and integration of psychic splits

Aligning self with earth, solar and cosmic energies

Reiki, life-force, light body and overall energy alignment

Every organ, bone, tissue and other part of the body is believed to give off frequency. When we are in a state of perfect health, we are like this wonderful orchestra that is performing a piece that is a “Suite of the Self.” However, if some portion of the body becomes out of alignment and begins to vibrate differently, this is perceived as a disease. Sound healing can:

Energeticly Realign and Rebalance

Reduce Stress

Recalibrate dis-ease

Integrate etheric energies

Within each of ue resides Indigenous Consciousness codes. Only you have the ability  to activate them. When opened to the Indigenous Model you discover a sense of connection , that  feeling of fullness, eternity and immortality.

Vocal Sound Healing
Indigenous Heart Model

Discover the Best Possibility of You!




A chance meeting with a Native American Elder 25 years ago  helped me to  "re-member" the gifts which I had shut away as a child. Since then I have traveled to many different lands, trained with Inca Q'eros, Mayan Elders, and a Toltec Master. I have studied psychology energy medicine and sound healing.  Today I use these " re-membered" gifts in my capacity as an Intuitive  Guide,  Vocal Sound Healer, Energy Clearing and Realignment Practitioner and as Mesa Carrier in the Peruvian Shamanic tradition.




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