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Energy Realignment/Soul Retrieval/Grounding & Protection/
Entity Release/Past Life Resolution/Clearing Past Traumas
Awakening of the Divine Feminine/Nuestas Karpay


The Shamanic Approach

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the most ancient form of healing, practiced by humans world wide. Through a change in consciousness, Shamans enter “non ordinary” reality to request healing and advice from compassionate animals, humans and other spirits. Spiritual healing is complementary to modern medicine, therapy and training.  Shamanism is practiced by modern shamanic healers throughout the world. In core shamanism, the shaman enters a shamanic state of consciousness . He or she then journeys to the world of spirits and connects with spirit allies for healing work.



Earth Ceremonies

Pachakuti Mesa

The Pachakuti Mesa is a personal altar used ceremonially to access spiritual forces and energies for the purposes of healing, the advancement of consciousness, and the restoration of balance on both individual and collective levels. This system of medicine work stems from the Earth-based shamanic practice of Northern Coastal and Southeastern Andean regions of Peru. Ultimately, the Pachakuti Mesa acts as the Shaman's tool, an instrument of sacred technology, which is used to access and cultivate an intimate relationship with Spirit, which in its nature is mystery.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

During times of severe shock or trauma our essence can take flight from the body. This is a natural way for the body, mind, spirit, to protect itself from pain and suffering. This loss is, in actuality, a spiritual illness that can have a long-lasting impact on mind and body if not retrieved. Some common symptoms of soul loss are depression, autoimmune problems, lingering grief, post traumatic stress and an overwhelming feeling of emptiness, suicidal tendencies, as well as substance abuse and an inability to move forward in many areas of one’s life. It may also be that a past lover or unsettled relationship may have carried away one's soul or a critical portion of one's soul. A Shaman by traveling in an altered state  outside time and space can gain access to the 'invisible worlds' beyond ordinary reality. It is here that the Shaman is able to capture the lost essence and usher in a safe return. I reach this state through Shamanic meditation and harmonic toning.

Activating the Divine Feminine

These rites are an initation and uplifting of the Sacred Feminine within the physical, emotional,and spiritual body. They are a sacred invitation, a calling to the Divine Feminine to be an active part of one's life. This process allows one to harmonize with the earth, dissolve the ego, move through past limitations and see with the heart to allow the transmission of vision and clarity into one's life. In the words of Don Mariano Quispe Flores, Shaman of the High Andes " It is time to awaken the family within the self (chakras) then the family will see with new eyes."

When I speak of a

"soul loss"  I am referring to an emotional or physical experience that results in a loss of our vital essence, our life force an aspect of the soul.


Activation of the Rainbow Body

These teachings and transmissions offer each participant a possibility for profound connection with the powerful female energies known in the Andes as the Ñustas.

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