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5 Keys to Manifestation

If one wants to create the most abundant life possible we must learn how the Universe communicates. We have all heard the equation, intention plus desire equals manifestation yet most of us fail in our attempts to create exactly what it is we want.

We must be aware that we are interacting with the manifestation realm every second. It is very much like dialing a number on your cell phone. You send out a frequency and the right number answers. If what you don't want is dialing the number you will get more of what you don't want.

Here are a few secrets that will help attain your desires.

1) Be Specific The Universe is an abundant system. If you are asking for abundance it is like a fish asking for water.... you are living in it.

2) Be Honest with Yourself If your fear or belief of not getting what you want is greater than what you think you want then the Universe will give you what actually has the greatest energetic charge. In order to rewire your attachment you must begin to see yourself having it.

3) Use All your Senses The greater your ability to feel, see, smell and touch what you want the faster it finds its way too you

4) Be Congruent If you are resentful and critical of others who have what you want all you will manifest is more people who have what you want and never draw it into your own life.

5) Surrender and Trust If one is self focused and self absorbed the Universe comes by and says "I don't have to help you, your taken care of." But, if you activate the desire and intention a few times a day and stay proactive and busy in your life it allows the Universe to direct its energy towards you.

If your not certain what you want is what is in your highest good then manifest with this thought...


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