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15 Signs You are Raising Your Spiritual Frequency

Even if we don''t think our lives and body frequencies are changing be assured that there are both emotional and physical adjustment being made at this time. Many of my clients have been both expressing physical and emotional symptoms. I myself have had a few moments of nausea and vertigo with no apparent physical reason.

For that reason I put together a list of both physical symptoms and emotional states that you might find yourself experiencing.

1) A complete desire to change your life, career or geographic place you live in.

2). A disconnect to politics and media, anything that you feel is based in duality.

3) Complacency that borders on depression. since you are evolving out of the old patterns and dramas nothing seems to make sense or matter anymore.

4) You have lost interest in "New Age" vernacular. This is a deep understanding that it was a gateway to a higher state.

5) Feelings becomes your guidance while mind assists with their interpretation. You are no longer mind dominant.

6) You have a deep desire for community

7) You see that all things are connected and in so there is a longing to reconnect with the earth.

8) When focused with desire and intention it becomes easier to manifest.

9) You feel like you need more rest than before.

10) You can have unexplained aches in the body, some nausea or dizziness.

11) You begin to trust that everything just "is" and that their is a perfection often greater than our understanding.

12) Dreaming becomes more vivid and lucid dreaming is accessible.

13) Judgement and attachment lose their importance.

14) You are aware of how your energy sifts depending on what you focus on. duality, right/wrong, good/bad, violence in the media and TV lowers., while acts of concern, compassion, philanthropy, meditation and high vibrational music and nature makes you feel calm and peaceful.

15) You realize you are Divinely connected to ALL that is.

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