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The Birth of a New Sun

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The Toltec Message 2012 -2021 –

The Prophecy Ourselves, the Earth and the Cosmos

We have entered into one of the most exciting times in history. We are now in the transition from the 5th to the 6th Sun. In the Hopi, Toltec, Inca and Mayan cosmologies they teach us that we are taking the journey to our own interior.We are to understand and discover our greatest self. In the 6th Sun we will look to ourselves for healing, knowledge and information.

When we approached Dec. 21, 2012 the predication of the worlds end went around the globe and bordered on mass paranoia. This confusion was born out of a misinterpretation of the Toltec and Mayan calendars. The ancient ones were adept at cosmic mathematics that would measure the movement and rhythms of our earth’s cycles through time and space and its effects on human consciousness and evolution.

What became fully aware to those custodians of this knowledge was that our place on earth and our personal behavior, thinking and actions develop largely through resonance with an evolving cosmic consciousness mediated directly by the energy shifts on earth. The round calendar is a guide to that evolution.

The movement of the calendar is based in both long and short cycles. A short cycle would be 4 lunar phases, 4 tines of day or the 4 elements, wind, water, earth fires. When you look at the center of the round calendar there is the face of a Sun, out of the Sun comes four squares with a glyph in each. Each of those squares is called a Sun and represents on Sun Cycle. A Sun Cycle is a longer count cycle. One Sun cycle is a complete revolution of our Earths Sun rotation around Pleiades. Our Sun completes its cycle every 26,500 years. So according to the round calendar as Dec.21, 2012 we have just ended our 5th Sun cycle. Thus the confusion around the end of times predictions.

The teachings say that there is cosmic order and movement, Ollin, at all times. According to the Toltec’s the 5th Sun is still present and will leave completely during one of the solar eclipses in 2021, there are two that year. The 6th Sun is present but comes into its full energy and influence after the 5th Sun is no longer present. The best way to explain this is to use our seasons as an example. It is very much like spring turning into summer or summer fall. One just naturally departs while the other emerges.

Each of these Suns carry with them very distinct influences. The 5th Sun is called the Sun of “solar justice” It has had a strong dualistic influence on humanity. We see ourselves as separate from nature and each other. We go outside of ourselves for knowledge and information, we look not to ourselves for healing but seek it medicine. There has been dualistic thinking expressed in all areas of humanity, they/we, good//bad, right/wrong are only a few

According to the prophecy the 5th Sun has two possible outcomes or departing energies, the first is called Tezcatlipoca tonatiuh, this is a destructive energy. It can create tornados, volcanic eruptions, droughts as well as disassembling political, financial and conflicting personal states. In this energy massive earth disruptions occur. The second possibility is called Quetzalcoatl tonatiuh, this is a positive influence and its influence is the “solar fire” burning away our limitations. The perceptions of judgment and evil based on external projections and dualistic thinking will come to an end. Their warning is that those who cannot journey on the path of transformation will be stuck in Tezcatlipoca tonatiuh.

The 6th Sun then is the “White Sun”, Iztactonatiuh and those who can transmute their consciousness during the end of the 5th Sun cycle with emerge with greater awareness and out of this sun with be the rising of the snake. During this next 26,500 years there will be great mastery developed on the use of one’s own energy, like the snake rising up the kundalini. Great illumination will be possible and the removal of long held dualistic thought will dissipate.

All traditions have varying practices on raising the soul’s awareness and methods of transformation. The Toltec’s are a dreaming culture. They teach methods on how to gain mastery over life by mastery over the dream. We also work with a black obsidian mirror. Yet, there are many paths up the mountain. Find what has truth and meaning for you. Practice daily; find your moments of silence and meditation and most of all trust that you are all powerful!

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