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What Is It Like To Develop Shamanic Awareness

Awakening the Shaman within is the development of shamanic consciousness in everyday life where we fully understand that we are connected to the “all that is.” It is true that not all people are Shaman but all are able to develop Shamanic Awareness. To do this one must first answer the question, “are we human beings trying to awaken to a more spiritual state of being?” Or, are we enlightened sprits awakening our human existence? What Shaman’s fully understand is that they are spiritual beings navigating higher awareness in the human existence. When one embraces the spirit as the first and guiding order the human experience shifts.

The shift in focus seems small but is actually profound. When we accept we are already perfect and all knowing in our spiritual state we connect and accept multidimensionality and multiuniversality. This is why the true Shaman can engage in sacred flight and transition through multiple states of reality to heal, converse and retrieve the soul, interface with time, space, weather, plants, animals and minerals.

When we develop Shamanic Awareness we begin to trust our inner voice. We can scan our bodies for where we hold energies. We recognize the ebb and flow of our energy and that of others and we can stay protected no matter what is going on around us. We have communion with all things and begin to see from the heart.

Walking in Shamanic Awareness allows us to walk in a bigger context of life. Shamanic Awareness is a thinning of the veil that has kept us from truly remembering ourselves, our purpose, our compassion and connection. Instead of seeing ourselves as accidental manifestations we embrace the divinity within the self and become aware of the spiritual intelligence that is around us at all times.

By living fully in this way we actually become co-creators with the Divine, living out our destiny as universal humans and actively co-creating the future with the Great Cosmic All..


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