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The Seduction of Spiritual Narcissism

The spiritual path is an evolutionary process and is different for each individual. During periods of deep spiritual growth there can be the development of profound wakefulness that changes how one reacts, how one thinks and how one experiences reality. This awareness is heightened by the knowing that we have a connection to something Divine both within and outside oneself.

No matter how long one has been on a “spiritual path” there is the possibility of reaching a plateau where the Ego-Self may be at odds with the Divine Self. In this moment one begins to believe that they are spiritually advanced and demonstrate an inflated sense of godliness. This is when the Ego-Self takes over the spiritual growth process and like Narcissist becomes entranced with its own image.

The illusion that the spiritual narcissist experiences is enticing for it generates attributes of spiritual ambition and significance. When the Spirit within is revealing more and more of one’s celestial self, one is discovering abilities or latent gifts. One might have the aptitude to interact with both the normal world and the world of spirits, read energies, predict the future and interpret omens or facilitate healing. It is at this moment that one can take on an identity of a healer, awakener or on some level a conviction that they are going to save themselves and the planet. The Ego-Self can overinflate its own worth by convincing oneself that it is the “best”, “biggest,” brightest” and most advanced .This can be compounded when there are unresolved feelings of guilt, incompetence and insecurity. When the Ego-Self takes over the spiritual path the spiritual narcissist holds a deep belief that somehow they are more spiritually evolved.

Those who are captivated by their own reflection are often impatient with the spiritual development of others. They believe they have more insights and they want to be held in esteem for their gifts. They often have a program, vision or a divine purpose and are impatient or short tempered with those who cannot see it or do not care to get on board. They hold themselves as self-ordained spiritual leaders. They often make the decision to work only with those who can appreciate their abilities. Their spiritual path can become more important than relationships impacting friends and family. For the spiritual narcissist not only are they right but that have God, Source Energy or the Divine dimension on their side.

In truth every one of us will run this defense structure at some time in our spiritual development. How long we stay there and to what degree we allow this to control our spiritual perception is an individual choice. For those with narcissistic tendencies it will be a more difficult stage to transition through. Spiritual narcissism can be easily diagnosed in religious fanatics and fundamentalists but can also be found among those who call themselves light workers, Shaman, Star Seeds and Healers. This exists for it is a transitional state where the Ego-Self, our very strong self-protection mechanism, must relearn to work in harmony with the Divine Self or Soul Consciousness.

When one is able to transition through this process a broader vision is gained. There is an understanding that everyone is doing what their soul is driving them to do and there is a detachment to the outcome. In transcending the inflated sense of self, one can fully embrace ones "True Self". The Ego-Self becomes the partner with the Spritual-Self. There is an expansion of ones Divine Purpose and an awareness of participating in a bigger plan, a plan of co-creation that transcends duality. Separation is now understood to be an illusion and divinity is acknowledged in all living things. This is the time when one becomes Transpersonal!

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