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What is The Shift of the Ages


Article Author: Joseph R. Giove Executive Producer, Shift of the Ages film

A world where the people of Planet Earth act as the single being that they are, with vision, intent and conscious creativity while simultaneously honoring and nurturing the Divine Individuality of each member from birth through wholesome education and a holistically-oriented social and economic structure.

After a million years of reflection, there is a dynamic meeting in the consciousness of man between heaven and earth at last endowed with motion, and from it there emerges not simply a world that manages to survive but a world that kindles into fire.

Pierre Teilhard deChardin Activation of Energy

The Shift of the Ages is a prophesized transition from an age of scarcity, domination and division to one of abundance, cooperation and unity. Humanity will learn to operate and co-create our world with awareness, balance and deliberation. A world of harmony and peace amongst nations, races, genders, ideologies and religions.

A world where there is acceptance by all of the many paths available for the human spirit to realize its highest potential through art, music, culture, education, science, religion, adventure and joyous living.

A world where all life on Planet Earth lives in balance, harmony and respect.

A world where perfect health, well-being, abundance and profound inner peace are the norm amongst our brothers and sisters of Planet Earth.

A world where science and technology mature to serve the planet in wholesome, productive and abundant ways that feed, clothe, house and nourish the body and spirit of the world's populations, while nurturing Planet Earth's pristine nature.

A world where sustainable communities are linked together by worthy causes bringing intelligence, wisdom, compassion, sustenance, spirit, and a sense of belonging and unity to everyone.

A world where effective government abides by the principles of Divine Harmony and operates from a vision of humanity's greater purpose.

A world where the people of Planet Earth act as the single being that they are, with vision, intent and conscious creativity while simultaneously honoring and nurturing the Divine Individuality of each member from birth through wholesome education and a holistically-oriented social and economic structure.

A world where all life on Planet Earth joins in a single song of praise and gratitude and reaches out to the heavens for exploration, connection and adventure.

. . .

That's what they say anyway.

Who knows? Who are we to know what the future holds? But since the future is derived from the present, we should be pretty good at soothsaying, even if history says otherwise.

Prophecy seems to come through special agents, like the Mayas and Hopis, Nostradamus and Cayce, and more recently Wilcox and Scallion. They seemed to possess special gifts that others do not. But what they really possessed was the ability to activate their inherent capacity for being fully present. Only a mind that is both spiritually grounded and detached from the confines of spacetime, at least momentarily, can enter into these non-ordinary states of being.

This portal that lies beyond our understanding of space and time was known as the Twilight Zone by late 20th century science fiction. But this zone of abnormal happenings is becoming unsettlingly familiar.

For instance, take the scientifically validated notion that our thoughts and feelings alter our DNA. A challenge to this assertion a few years ago might now be considered analogous to defending a flat earth.

Today, we know unequivocally that thoughts and feelings can alter our biology and physiology. And we know that thoughts and feelings affect material objects such as computer hardware and software, even half a world away.

Why can't these powerful human technologies–thoughts and feelings–alter the blueprints in the core of our cells?

In fact, why couldn't they drive the conscious creation of a world that realized the above vision of what the future could hold?

In my opinion, this IS the Shift of the Ages. Not toward an apocalyptic, end of the world scenario, but toward a "collective awakening to the powers of our own creative presence in the world," as described by Dr. Roger Nelson, director of the Global Consciousness Project. Once we wake up to the powers we share, we will stop living from the lower aspects of our character and instead express our beauty, diversity, connection, respect and compassion for all beings.

This world is not so far time. It's as close as our ability to unite and co-create it. For those in violence-torn areas, those who are starving and suffering, those who are lonely and downtrodden, that distance may seem an eternity. That is all the more reason for those who are blessed with good health, vitality, financial means, motivation and awareness to apply their co-creative presence and bring about a better world.

Of course this type of creativity represents an enormous challenge: like it or not, the responsibility rests squarely and individually on our shoulders. We are far too aware of our co-creative powers – powers to heal our bodies, heal our lives, heal our communities–to sit idly by or remain distracted by the slings and arrows of modern life.

Ultimately we must not only survive, we must thrive. Each one of us has the opportunity, indeed the responsibility, to live to our greatest potential. Catalyzed by intention and congruence, we must tap that collective co-creative power and become our own saviors, our own Messiahs.

As Franz Kafka poignantly declares in The Coming of the Messiah, "The Messiah will come only when he is no longer necessary; he will come only on the day after his arrival; he will come, not on the last day, but on the very last."

This is the Shift of the Ages. Not the mainstream media portrayal of destruction, fear and death. Those things are part of the cycle of life. But those who choose to co-create the Shift choose harmony, compassion, wisdom, abundance and balance. It's about shifting within...and shifting without.

It's about transformation.

It's about awareness.

It's about intention.

It's about presence.

It's about time.

It's about now.


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