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What is the Difference Between the Spirit and Soul?

by Mateo Sol

There is an underlying power, energy, essence or consciousness that births, energizes and sustains all of creation and the universe in its many manifested forms and appearances, and it is to this underlying power everything returns.

This basic energetic undercurrent of existence is shared by all of life, with various manifested life forms emerging from it, and vibrating on different levels. It is this basic energetic undercurrent that is called ‘Spirit’.

Spirit can appear in many different shapes and forms within a universe that is harmonious, as it works in an inter-relational flow. This means it can create and recreate itself without the limits that exist within time and space – in other words, it is ever growing. This means that in our very nature, we are all ‘Spirit’ because we all are composed of this innate living energy, or ‘Kawsay Pacha‘, that is manifesting itself.

Spirit consists of frequency manifested in that which moves and vibrates, for example: plants, animals, stars, water, stones, earth … and everything else that we can perceive, as everything is composed of a frequency of energy vibration. As we have seen above, even consciousness is within this realm of Spirit. This consciousness is perceived in all spiritual traditions as completely whole, undivided, and the source of all creation. This wholeness, this state without division, this Oneness is part of all aspects of creation.

At some point during our physical manifestations as Spirits we slowly started to become aware of ourselves, and a spark of ‘Soul‘ was ignited within our physical bodies, giving birth to our spiritual journey towards ‘Becoming’, or, the Soul’s thirst to reunite with Spirit. It it during this period when we start developing a Soul, that we are capable of consciously experiencing the universal Spirit that so many enlightened masters have talked about.

Our Souls, in turn, are purified and refined each time they return to existence, and through lifetimes of conscious development grow older and wiser. This, to me, is the essence of Soul Ages.

In the end, our Souls play a big role in our lives. It is our Soul that provides us with a kind of inner voice, a moral compass of compassion and direction that guides our lives. It is our level of Soul sensitivity, or intuitive feeling, which remind us that there are deeper things in life and more that we can see, experience and become. And it is our Soul that suffers when we don’t nourish it with meaning, purpose or spiritual significance.

Thanks to Body Mind Soul Spirit for this article


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