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Shamanic Allies and Power Animals

Throughout history primitive people maintained a deep connection with the earth and the natural environment. All of nature was experienced as revelations of the sacred and as such one can worship the gods through the natural world. Within the ancient lore of the indigenous tribes it is said that man once spoke with the animals; however, man lost this ability and other powers when he placed himself above the animals as masters of the earth. Yet, there remained the knowledge passed down from one generation to another of the significance of establishing an alliance with the spirit of animals.

Working with the spiritual power and essence of such an animal became a crucial part of doing one’s shamanic work. The spiritual Allie, Tutelary and Guide helps facilitate the powers of the healer, shaman and empath to cure disease, retrieve soul loss, cast off negative spirits and assist with guiding visions.

Each individual has their own animal medicine. And although one can call on the assistance of a specific animal guide one does not choose their power animals. Tutelary Spirits align with an individual for they can represent a person’s qualities, power, virtue and wisdom. These totems are our individual guides that carry us through our different stages in life, walk with us in times of danger, protect us when we are unaware and teach us our deeper nature. In very personal ways a human can take on the characteristics of its animal guide to navigate through conscious and unconscious life.

It is quite possible that you can have several animal guides throughout your life. Depending on the individuals journey and growth an animal guide may come into your life for only a short period of time and then be replaced.

If you are uncertain about your Power Animal you can look to many sources for clues. The Toltec and Aztec round calendar has many glyphs that can indicate a person’s tutelary. The Toltec calendar is able to determine both your awake and asleep animal guides. You also might look at you birth month in both the Chinese and Native American calendars. Often these animals may be one of you Tutelary Spirit Guides.

For further reflection you might ask yourself some of these questions.

  • Do you wake up in the morning with your hands in a fist? This is the Bear energy

  • Is there an animal that you love looking at pictures of? One you are really drawn to?

  • Do you have dreams of animals that reoccur?

  • Do you notice that you see reoccurring images of animals? Ones that you take notice of on the internet, television or in nature?

  • Do you find certain animals frightening or fascinating?

  • Have you ever been attacked by an animal?

If your still having trouble determining which Guides you have then ask them to reveal themselves and watch for the synchronicities. They love being acknowledged and the more attention you pay to them the greater is their assistance.

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