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We are Transcending our Collective Dreamtime.


Those of us who have been fortunate to reside in a location that has provided great wealth and abundance have been blessed for many years. Many western countries prospered and such affluence became the envy of the world. As a result we were lured into a deep sleep. Our basic needs were met. And on our journey up Maslow’s hierarchal scale to actualization we stopped to play, play harder and eat and eat more, then rest. Only most of us never woke up.

We wanted the “more” in life and our deep spiritual character knew that we had a right to strive for more. Only “more” was not a destination but a goal that no one could ever attain because there was never a place where we would be satisfied. We wanted it all.

Now the game has changed. As our monetary systems of the worlds are going through a metamorphosis so are we. We are now transcending our collective dreamtime. Yes, we are starting to awaken and look at what truly has meaning and purpose in our lives. What is important? What is the meaning of happiness? How much is enough and when will I know that I am truly satisfied?

These are all questions that are helping us to get closer to our divinity for they are the prompters, which help us to ask the biggest questions. What did I come here to do and how can I serve? And, what does an awakened life look life?

Awakening from a deep sleep is like waking up 100 years later and not having a clue how to proceed. How do we unravel a life that might not truly serve our highest and greatest desires? This is transformation at the deepest level. When a person asks these questions one is looking face to face with ones authenticity and that can come with great trepidation.

There are often times in our lives when these questions were just on the tip of our tongue. But we failed to delve deep into them because the ego has its own agenda. The ego will protect itself if it thinks that it might no longer be of service. When this happens patterns of behavior, like shopping or extreme exercise and excessive indulgences emerge to throw one right back into the world that is most comfortable. That is why we must not fight to kill the ego but make friends with it.

If you truly want to awaken then give the ego its grandest job ever. Let the ego know that you appreciate all of the protection and guidance that it has given you and tell it that you are now going to give it a new job. Ask the ego to reflect, only that which is truth, and that, which has heart and meaning in your life. Let the ego do what it was originally intended to do; allow you to see the reflection of your spirit in all of your daily activities.

When we awaken we will awaken differently. Mankind is like a big pot of soup and each of us a unique ladle. Although we are a part of the bigger "one" each ladle is a very different composite of the whole. This is the true blessing that each of us brings to the world. This is the time when we reflect our true authenticity back to the world so each is able see their magnificence awakened in the other.

When a collective conscience is awakening its reflection is usually seen in a chaotic world. But rest assured that out of chaos comes order and the transformation that is occurring is something that we have all longed for at the deepest level.

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