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Signs You Are Enlightening Up!

Have you lived your entire life with the feeling that you were born to do "something." Yet that "something" seems to elude you. A purposed filled life is one that understands that our greatest expression is the evolution of the individual spirit. When we embody the attributes of the enlightened mind we start to make different choices. We have come in mass to work together to evolve the collective. The greatest work we do is the expansion of our own spiritual nature. All gifts come from that place. And all expressions of the self will be revealed when we individually “Enlighten Up! “

Below are a few of the Signs of that you are in the middle of your spiritual expansion.

Your day begins with gratitude for what is rather than longing for what is not

You live in the moment

The behavior of others has less and less influence on your inner peace

You develop your observer self and can see the greater meaning in the actions of others, thus interpreting others actions is free of judgment

You understand that your greatest work is the expansion of your true spiritual self

There is a loss of attachment and ability to worry

Inner conflict dissipates

You experience overwhelming episodes of joy and appreciation

You see yourself as a connected and an integral part of nature

You embrace the concept that you and your neighbor are not separate

You understand that the only enemy that exists is separation, the true enemy within the self

You surrender to the moment and let things happen rather than make them happen

You have a loss of need to control

You feel a longing for community

Owning and consuming is loosing its attraction

The attachment to satisfying the self is replaced with an overwhelming need to serve.

You are deeply aware that JOY is your birthright!

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