What Happens When The Trickster Arrives

The Joker the Decks TRUMP Card

The Trickster, the Joker, the TRUMP card

The trickster is an important archetype in the history of man. You find him in many forms in all cultures. He is sly and cunning. He shows up as both the destroyer and savior. He does this by emerging in a time where man needs to shift beyond current boundaries. By using masks and schemes he reveals our outmoded thinking. He is also known as the fool. He survives in modern playing cards as the Joker or yes as the TRUMP card.

The trickster comes in when we need strength to face reality. This is the totem that brings things to light. The Trickster is an example of a Jungian Archetype and throughout time has manipulated and played the gods against each other. Now the time has come to go beyond schemes and seize the most powerful throne in existence.

The trickster is often his own worst enemy and his strength is not that of a leader. But, his existence is important for it drives us to question rather than accept things blindly. Easy or not he illuminates what needs to be torn down. And how vulnerable we feel when the walls are coming down.

Living in the time of the trickster is not for the faint of heart. But don't give him more power than he deserves, since he often shows up as the fool. But he is a fool playing an important part in the evolution of man if we don't loose ourselves in the trickster’s illusion.

We are here to be strong. We are here to bring light to the darkness and if the trickster is our shadow we must find a way around the fear. His illusion is designed to confuse solely for his personal end. Yet, in doing so he can give a great gift. The gift of Alchemy, that of embracing the shadow we have ignored.

After all, it is why we have come. We have come to raise our understanding, to find love in dark places. The greatest and most rewarding work is ahead.

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