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WINTER SOLSTICE Ignite your inner flame.

We are connected to the rhythms and cycles of the earth. When we stop and go quietly into the depth of our inner self this day, be it in prayer or ritual, we awaken our connection to the unseen web of life.

The longest day of the year is a time to celebrate the presence of Spirit that dwells within.

When we descend into our own darkness we enter into our silent resting place. Nature has retreated yet we trust that spring will come and the seeds of new beginning will soon start to grow. Now is the time to let go of all that has been and look forward with trust. We are to surrender and let things die away and dissolve into the realm of mystery and darkness.

We ignite our inner flame by resting in stillness and solitude. Our journey within will prepare the planting for our new harvest in the comming year. What will you plant? What will you grow? What new dreams will you awaken deep within your being? What will you give birth to in the comming year when the sun returns?

Now engage in a ritual. The power of any ritual comes from strength of the intention behind it. There is no ritual too small or too large. It is your day, make it your own!

Light a Candle

Say a prayer

Prepare a Peruvian Despacho and offer it to the earth

Write down all you will release and bury it

Prick your finger and give your blood to the earth.

There are infinite traditions and cultural rituals. Find one that speaks to your own heart. By taking a moment of contemplation you will illuminate your own inner light and



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