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   The energy/sound healing session was unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I can’t even begin to explain the shift in energy that occurred while you were toning. I felt the vibration deep in the cells of my body. I had a remarkable sense of peace. I will see you soon. You’re now on my speed dial!
 My deepest gratitude, Judy A… Novato, Ca
       It was such a pleasure to meet you the other day! I truly enjoyed my time and my experience with you! You are a very unique and a precious woman!  
My healing was made complete and whole by your presence, filling my heart and soul with, love, riches, strength, beauty and a radiant light.  
You have done an incredible job pouring your heart and soul into helping me!
Thank you again for your magical energy!!
Lots of love and light to you, Roya T...…Novato, Ca
       When I first came to you I had been living with such a heavy heart after the death of my father, You gave me insight and clarity and lifted the cloud of grief that I had been holding. The truth of your words lingered long after our session.
A very warm thank you, Connie S…...  Mill Valley, Ca
       I truly want to thank you for helping me to sort out all the confusion and chaos that I have been experiencing over the last two years. Not only did you help me understand my emotions but you explained the spiritual and earth influences in my life.  You are a lovely spirit and I look forward to our work together.
 All my love, Tina...D  Sonoma, Ca
        I didn’t know what to expect.  I never thought that at 65 years old I would be learning new things about myself or seeing life and spirit in such a new way. I just want you to know that I look forward to our time together with great excitement.   What a blessing!
 Love and affection, Margaret G....… Corte Madera, Ca

         I wanted to let you know that I found the sessions with you inspiring and soul shifting. There is a part of me that feels as if you are the first person who has ever really “got” me. It is such blessing to be seen.  Thank you for your sincere and loving presence. Sincerely, Mary B…....Petaluma,Ca


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